technology acquisitions less than $30M

As an M&A specialist with 20 years of global leadership experience, I mitigate critical risk areas for tech buyers by providing:

Due diligence
Integration design, planning and execution
Definition of founder roles in the acquired business

I provide your acquisition project with the expertise and full-time focus it requires, but that you are unable to dedicate. By focusing completely on bringing your goals to reality, the maximum value of your investment can be realized with minimal disruption to your core business.

David has the knowledge, the experience, and the emotional intelligence and humility to engage successfully with teams on both sides of the deal. For Tango Card, he made a real and significant contribution in realizing the full value of the acquisition.

David Leeds, Founder and CEO Tango Card


Why we do what we do

Due Diligence

Most sellers only sell once, and so are unfamiliar with the due diligence process. Overwhelmed by the volume of requests, fulfilment is tardy or incomplete, delaying the process and potentially placing the deal terms at risk.

A dedicated resource available to the seller to assist with due diligence compliance mitigates these risks.

Integration Plan

According to HBR research, a key cause of destruction of an acquired company's value is inadequate evaluation of the synergies between the two businesses. The process of defining a comprehensive, detailed integration plan shines a spotlight on flawed assumptions. With a clear shared view of the expectations of the deal, execution of the plan post-close assures that expected value is exceeded.

Interim Leadership

Non strategic, inappropriate leadership post-close is a common cause of underperforming acquisitons.

From providing support to departmental heads during the critical one to six months following close to allowing a non-aligned founder/CEO to exit the business, access to a senior executive post-close provides you new alternatives when considering leadership challenges.



Liaise between your team and the seller's to ensure timely fulfillment of due diligence requests in the required format

Implement tracking methodology, if required

Onsite at seller premises possible, if required

Collaborativley develop a detailed integration plan which delivers your objectives


Diligent execution of the integration plan so that all staff remain on-strategy, and integation activites are not overshadowed by day-to-day operations

Support acquired staff in navigating the new organization, especially with respect to support services and engineering

If strategic functional leadership positions are vacant, provide interim cover, and recruit to fill if required

If founder(s) exit the business on close, perform interim leadship role.

Performance Guarantee

40% of the total fees on qualifying contracts are set aside and payable only on achievement of agreed performance targets.

Case Studies

Tango Card Acquisition of GiftCertificates.com

The acquistion of GiftCertificates.com by incentives leader Tango Card represented their first such transaction. By contracting David van Toor during the due diligience process and post-close as the on-site point of contact, Tango Card was able to develop and execute on a comphrehensive plan that will deliver on the objectives of the transaction. Read the full story


Take an international transaction with an American buyer and a Belgium seller, add different first languages, very different work ethics, and a heavily regulated labor market, and you have a complex, high risk transaction. By contracting David van Toor to move to Brussels and nurture the deal to close, and then remain as European Managing Director the seller eliminated the risks created by this complexity. Read the full story


Complex cultural differences enveloped this transaction involving involving multiple Brazilian entities with over 150 employees where only the executive team spoke english, and an american buyer. A rapid integration of all companies onto the buyer's operational systems and methodlogies was critical to facilitate the growth envisioned by the transaction price Read the full story


David van Toor

I am a global technology leader with over 20 years functional and operational experience in software businesses up to US$100M, culminating in global M&A roles.

Holding dual passports, and able to live and work anywhere with minimal notice I offer acquisitive companies a unique resource to assist in or lead acquisition projects.

With proven success in immersing myself in the acquired business both pre and post-close, I have the skills and experience to ensure the expected value of the acquisition is exceeded.

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David van Toor

Greater Denver area